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Christian Mysticism



Critical Questions in Christian Contemplative Practice (complete book online)


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Inner Explorations:

Inner Explorations:
The Collected Works Online

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Christian Theology and Morality



The Bodily Resurrection of Jesus (complete book online)

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The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas in the Light of
Jacques Maritain


Where Christian mysticism, theology and metaphysics meet Eastern religions,
Jungian psychology and
a new sense of the earth.

More than 500 web pages, 2,500 pages of text, and 1,000 images

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East-West Contemplative


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The Psychology of C.G. Jung and the Body and Temperament Types of W.H. Sheldon


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In Search of Wisdom:
Video Interviews
with Fascinating People


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Simple and Sustainable Living

NEW  DVD! Natural Building and a New Sense of the Earth

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The Hidden Magic of Baja California


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Jungian-Christian Dialogue
NEW Reflections on the Jung-White Letters

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The Children's Forest




Inner Explorations: The Story

Inner Explorations: An Overview

Behind the Scenes

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